TrailView is a mobile software application that allows hikers to upload pictures of their hiking trail and form an immersive experience for other hikers. Think of TrailView as an equivalent of Google Street View for hiking trails.

Knowledge: User Interface Design • Interaction Design • HTML/CSS
Tools: Notepad++ • Photoshop • Prototyping Tools
Team: Michael Weingert


Have you ever wanted to know what a trail would look like in first person view before you decided to hike it? Are there rocks, is it going to be muddy, how steep is the grade in certain sections?

1. Cannot easily determine the various difficulties in a trail
2. What does the view look look throughout the hike, instead of just the destination?
3. Can I bring pets, children, babies, disabled or the elderly on this hike?


1. Follow the same immersive experience that Google Street View provides
2. Provide a wealth of information to ease a hikers mind about a particular trail
3. Operate on any portable platform without the need for cellular service
4. Be community driven for data


I like to think I was born outdoorsy. Living in the state of Washington has opened up thousands of trails and mountains for me to climb. I set out to create this application with my friend because I wanted to know if a hike I was going to take was going to be worth the time and effort.

1. Gauge the level of difficulty before attempting the hike
2. Look through the trail to see if I need special equipment
3. I want to bring friends and wow them with the hike


TrailView is a mobile application that will benefit everyday individuals who like to take advantage of the great outdoors with the help of the hiking community. The application will provide:

1. A way for hikers to upload immersive 360 degree pictures of their hike
2. Reviews, equipment and skills necessary to complete a hike
3. A community created experience and social eco-system with ratings and points

Below are various screenshots of the final TrailView interface designed by me on a smartphone.

Here is a quick summary video of the motivation for creating TrailView as well as the features that we created for it:


I was responsible for the interaction design, user interface design and graphic design of TrailView. This included conducting user case studies and tests with prototypes, research and final front-end development.

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