I work on the Surface team at Microsoft and really believe in the products they make. Their design philosophy is very similar to my own so I figured since they haven't made a phone yet I could come up with something for fun. This is my vision for what the Surface smartphone could be.

Knowledge: Industrial Design
Tools: SolidWorks • Keyshot • Paper & Pencil


1. Microsoft does not have a strong smart phone to compete with the market
2. Current smartphones follow a cookie cutter design, where's the innovation?


1. Introduce a new feature to benefit the user experience
2. A beautiful and vivid screen
3. Long lasting battery life and preimum design


Most smartphones on the market just don't cut it for me. I've always wanted to design a phone that I would love to use every day. Given my skillset I feel like this can happen in the future and creating this concept is the first step.


The Surface Phone is my concept for a smartphone. A description of its features are below.

A smartphone without a bezel is one of the most sought-after features ever since we got a glimpse of science fiction movies like Minority Report. The Surface Phone pulls of a extremely thin bezel on 3 sides by using a chamfered edge glass to create a disappearing effect. In addition, one side has a bezel to house the wireless antenna and cameras.

Windows Hello eliminates the need for passwords or fingerprints. It logs you into your phone by recognizing your face.

A lot of people don't realize that a smartphone can be a lot thinner if not for the rear camera. The rear camera defines the Z-stackup (thickness) and not the battery. Unfortunately, in the pursuit of thinness the rear camera sticks out on most phones. This is a design language I absolutely hate as it breaks the unibody design and the flow of a product hence why I have no camera bump.

The phone has a soft touch plastic back and hard glass front for protection and preventing those accidental slips. The soft touch plastic is coated with an anti-bacterial layer because our phones can get really dirty.

The Microsoft logo acts as the wireless charging contacts or you can use the new USB type C standard port.

The phone features a 5.1" diagnoal display but the dimensions of the phone are more like a 5.5" display. This is accomplished by having the thinnest possible bezels on three sides. This provides user comfort, weight reduction and maximum usage or real estate.
This is the CAD of the final concept for the Surface Phone

Before I start forming a model in SolidWorks I usually sketch out my ideas to figure out dimensions, shape and angles. It helps me to eliminate ideas that can never work and then put it on a computer. Here are some sketches of concepts for the Surface Phone

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