EON is a conceptual design of a smart watch. The watch will pair with your mobile device and act like a personal assistant on your wrist.

Knowledge: Industrial Design
Tools: SolidWorks • Keyshot • Paper & Pencil


1. Wearables have so much more potential than being boring rectangular objects on wrists
2. Push the technological boundaries for wearable product form factors


1. Comfortable for the user to wear 24/7
2. Long lasting battery life
3. Purposeful user interaction and form factor


Wearable devices are the future. I have always wanted to create a wearable product concept to wear on my wrist. Ever since watching James Bond movies, I knew I could create something similar. When Pebble, Apple and Samsung beat me to the punch, I figured I should atleast try to make a concept of what my vision for a smart watch would look like.

Why the Microsoft branding? Microsoft hasn't really made a smart watch whereas every other consumer electronics player has some form of a watch. I align with Microsoft's design philosophy so I created this with their style in mind.


1. EON is a smartwatch that is a watch first and smart second
2. A disappearing bezel, wireless charging and smart wrist band make it a first of its kind
3. Materials are picked for comfort, premium style and durability

One of the defining features of EON is the smart wrist band. The smart wrist band allows the user to interact with the display by using gestures on the wristband instead of the screen. This is a better user interaction scenario because this doesn't block the small screen with your thumb or finger.

The disappearing bezel has a chamfered glass on the edge that gives the illusion of an infinity edge. This makes the bezel appear thinner than it seems.

The circular form factor was chosen because a clock is circular in nature. The OLED LCD provides excellent viewing in any lighting and extremely low battery usage.

One of the things I'm most proud of is the lack of buttons in the design. This keeps the body clean and easy to manufacture. All interaction is done through either the touch screen or the smart wrist band.

The materials such as the stainless steel and chrome accents were picked because of their durability in harsh environments and premium feel. The smart wrist band is made of a soft touch plastic that minimizes allergic reactions and has excellent longevity.

The Microsoft logo acts as the wireless charging antenna contacts.

This is the CAD of the final prototype.

Before I start forming a model in SolidWorks I usually sketch out my ideas to figure out dimensions, shape and angles. It helps me to eliminate ideas that can never work and then put it on a computer. Here are some sketches of concepts for the EON smartwatch

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