I designed print and web material as part of a campaign to advertise Earth Hour in Singapore in 2013.

Knowledge: User Interface Design • Graphic Design • HTML/CSS • Photography
Tools: Notepad++ • Photoshop • Lightroom • iPhone Camera


1. Promote the Earth Hour movement for WWF in Singapore
2. Lack of participation and awareness among individuals, high participation for corporations
3. Individuals don't believe in the impact of participating


1. Reach out to individuals using multiple mediums
2. Provide a wealth of facts about the campaign to promote its effectiveness
3. Encourage word of mouth and information spreading using the mediums created


I have supported and participated Earth Hour ever since I first heard about it during my first year in university.

1. I support Earth Hour's environmental goals of reducing energy waste and our carbon footprint
2. I have always believed in organizations with community driven grassroots
3. Earth Hour is free, requires almost no-time commitment and is available to everyone


I created the following mediums to spread awareness of Earth Hour for 2013:

1. A detailed and fact-filled website
2. A poster
3. A brochure with a wealth of information similar to the website

The website was created with one goal in mind, inform the user of the facts and impact they would have if they participate in Earth Hour.

Below is the poster that I created. It features essential information like the when and what. It also consists of an image that showcases the message.

The brochure is simply a duplicate of the website in printable form for distribution. It also includes information about the WWF organization.

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