Stimpack is a pocket sized portable battery pack that can quick charge your electronic device such as a smartphone with an extra hour of use.

Knowledge: Industrial Design • Engineering • Product Design
Tools: SolidWorks • Keyshot • Paper & Pencil
Status: In prototyping phase (Jan 2016)


1. Smartphone is out of battery during emergencies
2. Portable battery packs are big, bulky, heavy and require cables
3. Current battery packs charge the device too slow
4. Current battery packs charge themselves too slow


1. The product must be portable and as small as possible
2. The battery pack must have an intuitive user interaction
3. The battery pack must be safe, rugged (waterproof)
4. The battery pack must provide atleast 1 hour of charge for various smartphones


There have been many times when I have personally needed my smartphone to make a call or navigate somewhere only to find it close to being out of battery. Situations like this occur especially when I'm out hiking or on long drives. A portable battery pack that I could put in my wallet, pocket or attach to my keychain would be perfect.


Stimpack is a small battery pack that can recharge your smartphone for up to an hour of use and is portable enough to be taken with you anywhere.

A slider allows a user to either charge the Stimpack via a type A USB or charge an external device. The slider uses mechanical advantage to friction lock the connectors so they don't slide unintentionally.

The Stimpack will have multiple ports to charge a device like type C USB, micro USB and iPhone's Ligthing connector. However, these will not be adapters, they will be seperate Stimpacks for sale.

The soft touch rubber of the Stimpack is scratch proof, has a high cofficient of friction and is durable. The device is waterproof up to IP67.

The phone has a soft touch plastic back and hard glass front for protection and preventing those accidental slips. The soft touch plastic is coated with an anti-bacterial layer because our phones can get really dirty.

There are a series of LEDs that indicate to the user the current charge level of the Stimpack.

The Stimpack doesn't require extra cables and can plug into a device's port directly without inteference. The volume inside the unibody chasis is filled with the battery pack and connectors for efficiency.

This is the CAD of the final prototype before colour, materials or finishing

Before I start forming a model in SolidWorks I usually sketch out my ideas to figure out dimensions, shape and angles. It helps me to eliminate ideas that can never work and then put it on a computer. Here are some sketches of concepts for the Stimpack battery pack

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