With the popularity of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), our goal is to provide the new fighter with an interactive punching bag and eco-system to improve their fighting technique safely and without the need for a trainer.

Knowledge: Electronics • Interaction Design • Product Design • UX/UI Design
Tools: Photoshop • Illustrator • Notepad++ • Pencil & Paper
Team: Filipp Demenschonok • Fiona Chui • Adam Craig
Status: Product completed and handed over (Dec 2014)


1. No way to learn MMA alone and in a safe environment
2. No cheap and effective alternative to taking MMA classes
3. Very few people take advantage of the cardiovascular benefits of MMA


1. Create a MMA training device to teach basic and intermediate moves
2. Encourage all physical body types to engage in a rigourous workout safely
3. Create competition and a social gamifiction aspect to the training


This product was the result of a group of four friends who wanted to learn various mixed martial arts moves without joining a MMA gym. There were a few reasons why we wanted to create such a product:

1. None of us wanted to join a gym due to time and cost constraints
2. A few of us were too shy to join a gym due to our novice skill level
3. We wanted to compete with each other safely and without breaking bones
4. Explore more interesting ways to stay in good fitness


In order to come up with a solution that can address our problems, the team got together and brainstormed multiple possible solutions. Solutions ranged from exercise mats to human shaped mannequins, however after seeing professional MMA figthers training alone, we decided that a simple punching bag would be our starting point.

The punching bag would consist of three things:
1. An interactive punching bag with visual cues, feedback and sensors
2. A free mobile application to link with the punching bag
3. Access to a social eco-system where you can "compete" with friends

We decided to call this product Pulse, because of the way the visual cues on the punching bag would light up.


Because of the small team size and start-up atmosphere I was responsible for the front-end development, UX, UI and visual design. In addition, I provided my knowledge as an engineer into developing parts of the electrical system and software.


Apart from the obvious continous improvement of stability and bug fixing we wanted to give the Pulse Punching Bag an opportunity to thrive in any market. In order to do this we came up with the sleeve concept for the next iteration of Pulse:


Note: The Pulse Punching Bag design has a provisional patent with the USPTO

The heart and soul of the Pulse Punching Bag are the individual punch modules. Each punch module is specially made and designed to withstand the high impact forces of punching, kicking and elbowing.

In addition, the Pulse Punching Bag is able to provide the user with information such as speed, accuracy and force as metrics to gauge performance amongst themselves or through the social gamifiction eco-system.

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