I got a free MSP430 LaunchPad dev kit from my internship so I decided to make this really quick 8x8 led matrix after seeing a similar design by olimex.com. I made the schematic and PCB in Altium. It's simple to use TI's new line of low power MSP430 chips and it seems like they will be around for a while. This LED matrix works using SPI serial data passed through shift registers to drive each of the rows/columns through transistors. In addition, this 8x8 is modular and I can attach even more 8x8 blocks to the side, theoretically forever since I'm just bit shifting to turn on the LED's.

Knoweldge: Electronics • Interaction Design • TI LaunchPad Devkit
Tools: Notepad++ • Altium Designer (Schematic & PCB capture)

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